Easter Island the great taboo

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For too long, the ancient history of Easter Island has been associated with ecological disaster, social conflict and cultural collapse. Today, thanks to archaeological digs carried out over a period of more than 10 years, the island has rediscovered a fresh part of its history and has an opportunity to better understand its past. To ensure that these new archaeological discoveries receive the publicity which they deserve, Editions Versant Sud will publish this beautiful full colour book which presents a fascinating account of the new evidence which has turned our knowledge of Easter Island onto its head. In particular, the book sheds new light on the causes of deforestation, supposed periods of famine, folk memories of social tension and clan wars, the overturning of the giant stone figures and the legends associated with them.

Título Easter Island the great taboo
Autor Cauwe, Nicolás
Editorial Editions Versant Sud
ISBN13 9782930358550
Año Publicación 2011
N° Edición Primera edición
N° Páginas 158
Dimensiones 19,5 x 24 cm
Tema Pueblos originarios / Historia / Patrimonio Cultural
Peso 671 gramos

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